Live/Work Converted Loft by 3six0 Architecture

3six0 Architecture have recently converted a loft into a live/work area for their clients, an artist and her husband. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, this unique loft is the great place to create wonderful things.

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The challenge with this house was to create two different spaces while keeping the design throughout the entire space. There are separate spaces and duplicates; a sun room, entry and utility room which have equal access. In order to fulfill the client’s demands the architects had to divide the space. To make this happen they used every trapezoidal geometry of the space, angles and awkwardly located columns to impose a division of the place.

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Taking into consideration what both of the owners likes, 3six0 developed two architectural characters, “cloud” and “stack”. “Cloud” floats, grows down from the ceiling, while “stack” is very constructed. Although these two characters are placed on each of their client’s sides, they aren’t really isolated from each other.

The loft has white walls and bright flooring that make the space feel big and airy. The house is very modern, with a lot of beautiful details, such as the light fixtures, but it also has an industrial look due to the pipes that cross the ceiling.

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This contemporary loft is not only functional, but it is beautiful as well. It is both a home and an office at the same time, a great place to live in.{John Horner Photography}