Lisa and Dan Tiemann’s White Minimalist Chicago Holiday Home

Everybody dreams of a perfect home and would like to find it someday in a perfect place. Most of the times we are not so lucky and usually we need to find the place and then come up with own ideas.

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The same thing happened to the Tiemanns family. They wanted to buy a Victorian house in Chicago’s historic Lakeview neighborhood. Unfortunately this thing was not possible and as they could not find it, they decided to build it from scratch.Now they live in a two- story house with a minimalist design and a Victorian style. It is a house which inspires you warm, purity and elegance. It reminds you of those old times where the vintage items were so fashionable and elegant designs were so appreciated.

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The nuances of white, gray, light blue and green seem to be the colors that dominate all the interiors. The pieces of furniture keep the same nuances so that everything is arranged in a harmonious and symmetric way.

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The fireplace with wooden socks or the dining chairs with wings are elements that add a charming touch of the winter holidays. This warm and delightful décor is completed by the row of birch-bark trees that appear on the dining table and the chalkboard with the message for the Santa Claus which will make feel closer to the spirit of Christmas.{found on countryliving}