Line Coffee Glass Table from Spare Contemporary

If in the past most furniture was made of wood , nowadays we have the option of choosing different materials for the furniture in our home, from metal to plastic, from glass to processed wood. Well, one of the most modern and cool combinations is that of glass and metal, especially when you want a coffee table. This Line Coffee Glass Table from Spare Contemporary is the perfect example and it has a modern design and is made of glass on top of some brushed steel legs.

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Actually the legs are not four and independent as you would presume, but they are made of a single metal bar that is bent so as to form a kind of zig-zag that stays on the ground and offers some extra support. The fact that the table top is made of glass makes it possible to use it like this, without anything on, maybe a small decoration, and still look great. The glass is thick enough to be safe and not break easily and lets you see through at the same time, which is modern and cool. Contact the guys from Spare Contemporary if you want to purchase the item.