Limited-edition metal chest

The ‘Rockwell metal chest of drawers’ is a beautiful classic furniture, where you can deposit a large amount of stuff. You can categorize your stuff, that you use in the ‘metal chest of drawers’, by genre (files, disks, CD, vinyl, books, etc.). For cleaning the drawers you will use a soft, dry cloth so that you will not damage the exterior look. That’s why if you want to protect the finish you should use abrasive or household cleaners.

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The metal chest is made with attention and experience from crafted metal that looks like it belongs to an antique store. The chest is extremely spacious, it futures 24 drawers to fit your stuff. You can personalize your chest of drawers by using magnets on every drawer. You can use the magnets only for decorative purposes, but you can also use the magnets to know what you have in every drawer. The chest of drawers is a handy thing that you should have in your home. It could fit anywhere in your home and it will help you deposit a lot of stuff. You can also deposit stuff on the chest of drawers or under.

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The complete dimensions of the product are: overall (44″ wide x 12.25″ deep x 59″ high), drawer interior (9″ square, 7″ high), clearance under cabinet (7”). You can buy the product for a price of EUR1036.61. You should hurry because the ‘Rockwell metal chest of drawers’ is in a limited edition.