Lilly Pendant

Apartments have become very modern nowadays and that means they are mainly designed to be practical, not good looking. So there are all these modern and electrical appliances and the cool modern furniture, metallic and chrome plated accessories that make you believe you live in a futuristic society. But all these make our homes look farther and farther from nature. Well, it would be a good idea then to bring a bit of nature into our homes, even if in a stylized form like this Lilly Pendant. This is not just another pendant that you can use in your house, it is beautiful and inspired from nature.

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Its natural designed is inspired from the flower called lilly and the designer tried very hard to make it look as realistic as possible. The pendant has a carbon steel body that is coloured in white and a strong base that supports the whole lamp. The pendant is made of round stylized “petals” made of plastic that give it a flowery look. The product is available in two sizes: small and large. The lamps works with one 100 watt light bulb, which is not included. Depending on size, the item can be bought for $500 or $816.