Lilac Astro Chandelier by Metallux

Lilac is a wonderful flower that enchants us with its specific perfume. It is also a sweet color which can fill with color and good mood any space.Here it is a beautiful chandelier designed by Metallux. It will definitely have the same effect as the lilac color as it uses the same nuance.

Metallux chandelier astroView in gallery

It will be love at first sight when you will see it. It is called Astro and its huge appearance will take your breath away. Although it has a big size, its wonderful design and its lovely color will transform your space into a great ambient.

Astro is a gorgeous suspended light with a structure made of gleaming chrome metal and copper or can also be plated in 24 kt gold so that can become a luxury piece of home decoration which everybody will appreciate it. Its decoration of one hundred lilac colored glass pieces with their undulating shape create a magic atmosphere which make you dream of lovely and sweet moments. This chandelier will impress everybody with its elegance and sweetness so that you will be pleased of such a precious acquisition.

Metallux chandelier astro 1

Complete your interior design with such a lovely chandelier and you will be satisfied by the joyful ambiance that it will create and the elegant décor that you will get in the end.