Lightweight Coat Armchair by Sebastian Herkner

Almost in every house there is at least an armchair if not even more. They represent a comfortable seat which can make you relax and offer great moments of rest or a comfortable position for your body. Now there are so many models of armchairs that is very hard to choose a certain model. The idea is to know what you need for your body, to think of the interior design of your room and the type of room for which you want to use it. You may think of a modern living room that needs an elegant armchair, a comfortable and soft armchair for your bedroom or a nice and practical armchair which is perfect for your lecture room or your media room.

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Sebastian Herkner presents a comfortable and practical armchair called ‘Coat Armchair’. It is perfect for those who think of the upholstery of armchairs which in time get dirty or damaged by different factors. It is made of transparent silicone that is covered by a removable fabric which has also a protective role.

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This armchair is easy to move as it does not weight too much and has no feet to scratch your floors. The non-slip soles used for the children’s socks were the inspiration for its design.So, if you want something practical, comfortable and easy to maintain clean for your home and where you can relax and feel nice you may think of Coat Armchair! It will make you forget about those hard to move and heavy armchairs that take a lot of space from your room and hard to maintain clean.