Lighthouse Outdoor Torch

I think the space around your house is just as important as the one inside. Especially if you live in a house and not in a flat, it is very important to have a nice and cozy garden, lawn and alley. You spend there a lot of time in summer and besides, it is a part of you and your place. That is why people pay special attention to outdoor accessories, too. This Lighthouse Outdoor Torch is the perfect example. It is a decorative torch, but looks so nice at night in your garden or patio.

F 16982Of course you don’t really need a torch for lighting the garden, as you can use a lamp or lantern, but this torch looks so nice that it is a pleasure to watch it. It is called the Lighthouse torch because its shape reminds you of a lighthouse on the seashore. It is tall and shaped like a lighthouse and the fire is placed on top of it, just like the light spread by a lighthouse for the ships on sea. This item was designed by the Danish designer Christian Bjørn, most famous for his industrial design. The torch is actually an oil burner and this offers a steady, strong flame, even in windy conditions. The price of this item depends on the size you want, so you can order one for a price between $90 and $230.