Lighthouse Clock

I have recently (that is almost two months ago) visited a deserted beach with an old lighthouse and I was impressed by the feeling I had when looking at the building. It gives you the impression of solitude, but also of something steady and sturdy you can rely on, something that can even save your life. So I realized that lighthouses are symbols for sea life and marine life and I immediately looked for one lighthouse model to buy and bring home. Lighthouses can give a special look to a room, especially if they appear on such a merry clock as this Lighthouse Clock. I think it is perfect for the kids room because it is vividly coloured and has many nice images on.

Lighthouse clockThe navy decorations include ships, anchors and seagulls, one for each hour. The center of the clock is focused on the yellow dial where you can see the numbers for every hour. It stands out from the background just because it is painted in yellow, the rest of the clock having only blue, white and red hues. Any way, the clock is very nicely designed and the kids will love it. Even the pale blue background suggests the sea, so it would be perfect in a marine-themes kids room. The clock is made of wood , has 30cm in diameter and works with one AA battery. You can buy it for £19.50.