Light Shelf Tower

I discovered this original lamp and it drew my attention because it combines the features of a shelf and a lamp at the same time. It looks like a tall tower with metal frame and two thick glass shelves where you can store different things like books or other decorations. The upper part is the lamp that is rectangular in shape and is very special because it has an unusual shade. Instead of being made of glass like most lamps, the shade is made of muslin and Asian rice paper that was chemically treated so as not to be flammable. The Light Shelf Tower was created at Kramer Design Studio .

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The mild steel armature is strong enough to support the two shelves with the things they store even if it looks pretty delicate. This unusual but very interesting lamp combined with shelves can bring a plus of freshness to your living room. If you like what you see you can find out more on the designer’ s web site.