Life Size Barbie House in Malibu

Barbie is the most famous and loved doll all over the world and all girls want to have one to play with. She has been part of our kids lives for more than 50 years now and hopefully will still be for many years to come. Any way, even if we grow up, we still have a bit of nostalgia in our souls when we, now women, see a Barbie doll. And, of course, we wish we could live in a Barbie house for at least one day. The only problem might be the size of these houses meant only for playing with them. Well, now this problem is solved because some crazy guy called Jonathan Adler has designed a Life size Barbie house in Malibu.

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Well, the interior of this house is designed only with Barbie details and symbols and colours and everything inside looks like Barbie itself has come to life and lives there in the flesh. Everything is shiny and glamorous, perfectly fit for Barbie. But the details make the most of this interior design. Just take a closer look at this star on the living room wall and you will see it is made of dozens of Barbie dolls dressed up as marine girls. The chandeliers have blond hair twisted around their arms and the armchairs and sofas look like Barbie tops tied with a pink ribbon at the back.

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You can see Barbie’s monogram everywhere and everything is so pink you almost feel dizzy. There are portraits of Barbie on the walls and colourful decorations, too.  But more about it on the designer’s web site.