Life in Grace and their new home

If you’re familiar with the blog Life in Grace you might also know that Edie, the owner and creator, has recently lost her entire home and everything else inside the house in a fire last December. But as it usually happens, what doesn’t kill only makes you stronger. It also applied in this case. Edie obviously didn’t give up life but managed to start everything all over again and rebuilt the house. Let’s take a look at the new home.

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Edie’s new home is now full of joy and life. The overall décor is refreshing and very warm and inviting. The cutest room would have to be Edie’s daughters’ room. This particular room of the house was designed with the help of Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design and it turned out absolutely adorable. It’s the typical children’s room, filled with toys, pink and other colorful stuff. It’s a delightful room, refreshing but simple.

Interior design with turquoise accentsView in gallery

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The room is filled with elegant furniture like for example that lovely turquoise chest. Edie also loved the chest so she even built that little nook between the closets just for it. The entire room is so delicate and cozy. The walls are beautiful, painted in a beautiful beige tone, very warm and chic. All the details and decorations are tasteful and in the same tone.