Librespiral bookcase by Gerardo Mari

Designer Gerardo Mari has created this unusual freestanding collection for Danese Milano. It’s a collection composed of two freestanding bookcase designs. One of them is taller and not movable while the other one is equipped with wheels. The main idea behind this project was to create a bookcase that allows the user to have access to the piece from any angle. And the result was successful. The bookcase has a turning mechanism that allows you rotate the modules. It’s just like a sunglass holder.

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The rotating mechanism is a really nice detail because not a lot of bookcases are as accessible as these ones. Usually bookcases are hard to access and you waste a lot of time when searching fir a particular book. But with this ingenious rotating system it’s all easier. Of course, it might take more space than the usual mounted shelves or the suspended bookcases, but it has an interesting and practical design, and this is a big plus.

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These freestanding bookcases have an asymmetric but beautiful shape which gives them an original look. They come in different colors. There are mainly three color tones, black, white and orange and they are combined in different ways to get contrastive looks. The bookcases are made of coated steel so they are very durable, resistant and sturdy. The shapes of these bookcases are simple but striking.They would look great in a modern or contemporary home.