Library Hotel In Manhattan – New York

I simply love books and I have loved them ever since I could read. So I wouldn’t mind living in a house where all the walls are covered with all sorts of books. Or at least I wouldn’t mind spending my yearly holiday in a hotel where I can have unlimited access to books belonging to all literary genres. Actually people have this opportunity if they stay at Library Hotel in New York. The hotel is located at 299 Madison Avenue and is a ten story boutique hotel with 60 rooms available. But its most interesting feature is the fact that the floors are organized after a unique principle: the Dewey Decimal System, meaning the system that organizes the literary genres. For example the fourth floor is the correspondent for the fourth Dewey category – Language, and each room deals with a different sub-category , for example Ancient language, germanic language , etc.

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This hotel is like any other hotel on the inside, having nice and cosy interiors, the only difference being the presence of books all over the place. There are lots of fine bookcases in the rooms, in the hallways, even in the lobby and the restaurants. They are very in perfect condition and belong strictly to the category in the decimal system. I think it’s simply a reader’s heaven.

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