Leonardo Pendant Light

Visionary designers have an original view over all things and they can come up with the most exciting ideas to make wonderful things out of apparently common things, even trifles. Antoni Arola is the perfect illustration of what I have just said and he had the idea of designing the Leonardo pendant light while he intended to throw some piles of veneer sheets into the garbage bin.

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He liked the apparently chaotic shape and decided to use it as design for his future pendant lamp. The light bulb remains on the inside while its light is filtered by the sheet of veneer. Well, in time the designer discovered that he could obtain spectacular results and different shapes of the filtered light (white or pale yellow) if he used white cardboard or poplar veneer or even birch veneer (these trees are knows to have white wood).

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This is a very nice-looking and exquisite piece of lighting and it will add style to any room. You can now purchase it for $2,300.

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