LEM Piston Stool – Leather Seat

If you thought you have seen everything possible in furniture , you’d better think again. There are so many furniture designers in the world who have many interesting and fresh ideas every day that you will be amazed to find out. I admit that not all of them are very comfortable or really worth manufacturing, but this LEM Piston Stool – Leather Seat is a real wonder and very appreciated by people who are professionals in this field.

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This stool is the real representation of modern furniture and it was designed in 2000 by Shin and Tomoko Azumi. It even won the International Interior Design Awards that same year and has been in the market ever since. It design is very special and interesting and pretty unique, as it does not embody anything you are used to. The seat is rather flat with a very small back rest and seems to melt like Dali’ s watches and tend to go to the ground.Actually you can choose the material of the seat from sculptural leather, stainless steel or beech wood.

The stool base is made of metal, which adds a plus of shining and style. The leg of the stool is adjustable and you can make it as tall or as short as you want, whatever makes you comfortable. It is very simple in design and has very few components, but it still has a great visual impact and gives you the impression of modernism. You can buy this stool now for $735.25.