LED Stair Lights

The low voltage LED stair lighting system is designed to add a bit of flair to the stairs and is configured to switch on automatically when you approach the stairs. The system also has a battery backup allowing the lights to stay on for up to 12 hours should you get a power cut. But even if everything is perfectly fine with the lights in your home, it’s nice to have a discreet lighting during night, especially if you have small children and have to watch them every now and then. Or maybe you want a romantic evening with the one you like and this diffuse light of the LEDs will make the perfect atmosphere.

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Each stair will have a 3 beam spotlight attached to it with all the cables hidden behind making it look better than cheap. The LED Stair Lights Base Kit is availabe for $ 140. And it does not need a specialist to install it, as all the instructions are very clear and the LED stairs are pretty easy to place.