LED pin by Sungho Lee

Already diverted into USB, the clothespin is once again transformed into a mobile object. Conceived by Korean designer Sungho Lee, “Led pin” is simply a clothespin with a LED light. Easy to carry, it hangs or sits everywhere, and can even take a sheet of paper to avoid direct light. There’s nothing complicated or sophisticated about this item. It’s just a simple clothespin that has an LED light incorporated. This allows it to be used as a small light source. It’s unlike that there will be a lot of situations when you’re going to need an LED pin, so it’s not a very practical item.


Nevertheless, it’s very interesting. It’s also very cool. Not a lot of people can say that they have such an item, but they couldn’t say either that they ever needed one. So it’s a fun item that could make your life a little more fun and interesting.


If you take a simple piece of paper and use it to make a cone, this could act as a stimulant for the light source. So you create a miniature lamp with a piece of paper an LED pin. So it could be a practical item, when the time is right. I would take it with me everywhere, just in case. It could be useful for example when you go camping and you don’t have a flashlight for your tent, so you could use this pin. I really can’t find a lot of situations when this item could be useful. It’s fun and interesting, but that’s about it.