Leave the Dirt at the Door, but Bring the Outdoors Inside

There’s something about summertime that makes nature-inspired design really speak to me. Perhaps you’re the same way? I mean, textures and colors and shapes that come from nature all join together in décor and create beautiful spaces that I love to visit. If one can’t be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, one might as well be inside enjoying the beauty of nature and style, right?


Cottage girle bedroom

Flooring made out of natural elements is an excellent catalyst in bringing the outdoors inside. Wood (or stone) floors are a great choice for creating instant natural ambiance, not to mention the bonus of being pretty durable and practical for cleaning. A textural area rug, particularly sisal or jute, is in keeping with natural elements while still providing acoustic and tactile benefits.


Cottage girle bedroom

A pallet table, or another rustic-looking wooden creation, is a fantastic way to incorporate an outdoor feel into an indoor space. Next to a wall of windows that actually make the outside space part of this room, this charming space is casual and friendly. I imagine a variety of activities happily occurring at this setting, with the table’s imperfections most likely inducing loads of creativity. I love the incorporation of cheerful chair colors with the wood table and floors here as well.


Cottage girle bedroom

Smaller nature-inspired art pieces can be combined to create one large-scale piece, and this space shows what a lovely impact such a piece can have. This metal wall art was created out of six smaller metal pieces, combined to represent rocks at the bottom of a flowing river. I love the serenity and simplicity it lends to this otherwise grand space.


Cottage girle bedroom

Birch bark chandeliers (this particular one is even DIY!) are a literal implementation of bringing the outdoors inside. While your own style may not be conducive to such a literal interpretation, some natural element surrounding your lighting fixtures can be an interesting and subtle way of merging nature with your décor. Wood, wicker, stone, and grasses are all excellent sources for inspiration here.


Cottage girle bedroom

The outdoor touches in this space are less obvious than others might be, but the charming result is undeniable. Bamboo (or other woven) shades help to break up the white walls, but they do so gently, still paying au natural homage to the views out the windows themselves. The pendant shade is woven, which coordinates nicely with the wood plank ceiling and walls with its texture and also casts nice shadows in the darkness. The sea-inspired color of the shams are a nice indirect nod to nature as well. Overall, this room is a lovely blend of indoors and out.

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