Leaf Swing by Mut Design

I think childhood is the happiest time in a man’s life because you don’t have to worry about anything and all you have to do is play all day long. I am sure you all enjoyed swings when you were children, as they are children’s favourite. But sometimes we want to remember our childhood again even if we are adults and this is when we use swings. They are comfortable and relaxing and you can place them in the garden. For example this beautiful and elegant Leaf Swing by Mut Design is great for outdoors. It is inspired by the falling of the leaves in autumn and this is exactly what you think of when you get on it.

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The designers from Mut Design turned out to be very creative artists and invented this swing, that is made of metal. It even looks like a leaf, having the same shape and you can even see the interior lines that make look like a perfect leaf. It is hung by a very resistant cord that allows you to swing to and fro in a totally secure movement. The size of the swing recommends it for children, but adults can use it , too, as it is strong enough. This outdoor item can now be purchased online for €750.00.