Leaf Lampshade by Lorna Syson

I think accessories are very important no matter if you talk about a woman way of getting dressed or of the way you arrange your home. The little details are the ones that give personality to a room or a dress. Well, if you take a simple dress and add just a very beautiful scarf around the neck you will have a very chic look – and you can say the same thing about a home appliance. For example if you take the dullest lamp shade ever and add just a very small, but nice-looking and stylish accessory , you will have a very cool item that will make your house very special. This is the Leaf Lampshade by Lorna Syson and I think it illustrates best what I mean to say.

45cm purple grey leaflow 500x5001View in gallery

The lamps shade has a a cotton satin tube base that is white in colour and then it has a very nice leafy pattern attached to it very close to the base. The leaf application is made of satin, too, and it combines grey and purple in a beautiful and interesting design that surrounds the whole lamp shade. This makes it look like a totally different lamp shade and makes you want to have it for your home. The item can now be purchased for £219.00 from Lorna Syson web site.