Lazy Football Chair

Emanuele Margini’s newest creation will definitely transform the simple act of sitting into a game of football. I know a thing or two about Italians and believe me they are indeed passionate about many things, among them football.  This sports-inspired design was just presented at the Salone Del Mobile 2012 hosted in Milan.

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The idea is not complex, intricate or very hard to build; it is just bold and very creative. She integrated a football net into a chair’s frame and called it “lazy football”. “Lazy” because you can play a game that involves a lot of movement, sitting on a chair. The chair has a simple metal body that was a little bit widened, especially the front legs to mimic the actual shape of a goal net. “Players” can now enjoy a product that is placed between sporting accessories and seating items.

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I am not a big fan of sports so I will comment on this chair for the other side of design and functionality as well as the impact this chair has on its potential buyers. I particularly like the interesting twist and turn for this rather dull, ordinary office item and from my point of view it is fun to have in your home. I am sure that whoever buys this, sports fan or not, won’t be able to help it and they will definitely exercise some ball kicking. You’ve seen it for yourself; modern furniture stopped being dull.