Layers Bubble wall clock

It is very common now to have white walls instead of painting them in different colours. Modern people do that because white walls are easier to re-paint and also give you the impression of space, which is very important in the small apartments in the city. But white walls can be really boring unless you choose to do something and chase monotony away. You can pick some very funny and interesting accessories like this amazing Layers Bubble wall clock.

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This clock is very modern and has a very interesting design, created by Lorbus. It is manufactured by the famous Italian company called Diamantini & Domeniconi. What is really interesting about this clock is the intricate pattern of black bubbles surrounding the clock arms, all of them very finely surrounded by a white wooden frame that comes into an interesting contrast with the inside.

All the bubbles in the clock pattern are carefully cut by laser, so they are perfect and round, looking almost unreal. The black metal grill is lacquered and is all shiny and nice, sparkling from the living room wall or from the hallway, wherever you may decide to place it in order to liven p the home design a bit. The item is now available for online purchasing for € 174,00.