Lavender Accents: For Every Girl’s Space

I for one adore lavender shades. They’re fresh, they’re feminine and they can transform a room into something stylish and equally relaxing. They also work well in any type of space. So, today, we’re showing off lavender accents for any and every girl’s space, from the bedroom to their home office. Let’s get inspired!

1. Home Office Walls.

Purple home office wallsView in gallery

For a comfy, cozy home office, study or reading nook, paint an accent wall lavender and offset the coolness with a warm chocolate brown or hazy grey. It’s welcoming and subdued making for the perfect place to rest and focus.

2. Formal Luxurious Furniture.

Velvet purple lux furnitureView in gallery

This whimsical and Parisian-inspired furniture sits well in this dark and daring sitting area. It helps to create a luxurious and formal living room as a place to entertain with bouts of feminine style.

3. Modern Kitchen Lines.

Lavender modern kitchenView in gallery

What if your kitchen was offset and accented by gorgeous, chic lavender cabinets? It’s be terribly unique and such a rich welcome for your morning breakfast.

4. Slight Pillow Palettes.

Lavender outdoor pillowsView in gallery

Lavender even works great in neutral, traditional settings like on a slight patio design. Mixed in with the creamy, neutral furniture, this shade adds just a touch of girlish charm.

5. Surprising Edge Accent.

Modern staircase lavander wallView in gallery

Ever thought about jazzing up your hallway edges? Why not add a touch of femininity to the walls in a small and unsuspecting way?

6. A Puffy Touch.

Colorful musical roomView in gallery

Sometimes all you need is one, great standout piece. In a room full of sharp, black and white designs, this lavender pouf creates a modest, yet bold focal point and adds a bit of well-needed panache.

7. Non-Cliche Bedrooms.

Lavender kids room designView in gallery

Forgo the usual ballet pink bedrooms for the little ones. Even if your kiddo wants a bout of pink in her bedroom, compliment the tone and make it much more appealing by adding a cool lavender into the mix.

8. Killer Contemporary Counters

Lavender kitchen topView in gallery

Who dreams of beautiful, custom-made counter tops. This kitchen is not only spacious but has the most original and unique looks thanks to its touch of lavender.

9. Classy Master Accessories.

Lavender wall paintView in gallery

A simple wall decal, a stripe on the curtains, lavender is not only womanly but it’s classy. And when it’s used in classy, subtle ways, your master bedroom will have the sophistication you’ve always dreamed of.

10. Mixed and Matched.

Casual Beach Decor Lavender PillowsView in gallery

Don’t forget about lavender when you’re creating an eclectic, mixed and matched space. It tones down the dramatic or busy designs and makes the style come full circle with opposite themes.

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