Laufen Living Square vanity unit with shelf

I have never given too much thought to the furniture I have in the house until I wanted to replace it and buy some new one. And then I saw there is a wide range of offers, of products of different sizes and shapes that you can buy for different prices. You would never dream how many people are involved in manufacturing a simple product like a simple bathroom vanity. The process begins with the ideas that spark inside the designer’s head (in this case the guys from Phoenixdesign) , then move to the project and finish in the manufacturer’s hands. Then the products finally get in the store (either normal or online). So I have chosen this nice Laufen living square vanity that also has a bathroom shelf for today.

P317374 488 336 1

It is rectangular and nice, with a shelf made of wood where you can store the things you need in a bathroom like the towels, the toilet paper, the shampoo and so on. This vanity looks incredibly modern and perfect for the young families and brings a modern touch to your bathroom. You can request the price from the manufacturer.