Lattice Bar

When friends come over for the weekend or maybe you just get together with some close friends and family you may want to have a drink and feel relaxed and nice, ready to enjoy your time in a pleasant atmosphere, together with people that you like. So if you are at home you may like to have a special place where to keep the beverages. And the best place for this is the bar. And if your space does not allow you to build a bar inside the home, then you simple purchase a special piece of furniture for this purpose. This Lattice Bar is great and it is perfect for a medium sized living room.

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Actually this wooden bar was first designed to be a TV stand, but then it turned into a bar and the idea stuck. The bar closes with nice latticed pocket doors that keep the inside from curious eyes and also away from any baby hands. This compartment is perfect for storing the liquor bottles and it can be separated by shelves at your choice. The wooden drawers below offer some more storing space for whatever items you may find useful like glasses, napkins, bottle openers and so on. The piece of furniture is available in two sizes and you can purchase them for prices between $1,920 and $2,800.