Latest Time Gadged Design by Matthias Pugin

A interesting design clock was designed by Matthias Pugin. For those who like the gadgets the clock made out of magic, aka magnets controlling metal bars which make up the surface of the clock, move about creating what appears to be a clock whose face, though analog, seems to perform a complicated movement task.

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Clocks are one of the most common items in our homes. People need clocks to tell time and to set the alarm for the morning. So this makes them particularly spread all over the world. So if they are so common, this is just another reason to make the look special and interesting. It’s usually a common practice to try to come up with innovative ideas for basic items. This way they be practical and they can also become a decorative piece in your home.


This clock is particularly interesting because of the magnetic mechanism that it uses. This allows it to be a very eye-catching element if your décor. The clock uses magnets that control the small metal pieces from the surface of the clocks, crating some very interesting but rather abstract shapes. It’s a dynamic design that uses a simple mechanism to bring some fun and creativity to the usual simple clock design. So if you like to have ingenious and interesting items in your house, this clock will make a great addition to your décor.