Latest Moen ioDIGITAL system

How you start your day depends entirely on which type of person you are. If you are a serious morning person, then you might start your day rising before the sun and getting in that early morning jog.A hot shower is perfectly to start another day. The new ioDIGITAL system from Moen has been designed to give users control over water temperature and water flow from anywhere in the home.

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The new ioDIGITAL is is available for three applications – vertical spa, shower and Roman tub. With the Moen ioDIGITAL system, luxury is plainly at your fingertips.After you jump see a video.

Moen iodigital system 3 hcyrx 48

ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa:

• LCD screen which displays the current temperature, active spray outlets and preset activation.

• Pause feature, which briefly interrupts the shower while the user shampoos or shaves, then returns to the previous settings.

• Optional remote control offers the ability to turn the shower on from across the room or while still in bed.

ioDIGITAL Shower:

• Four programmable presets.

• Pause feature.

• Optional remote control.

ioDIGITAL Roman Tub

• Three programmable presets.

• Child Lock feature disables all controls and remote operation for added safety.

• Optional remote control with a Hot Top Off feature, to easily warm your bath by filling the tub with the hottest water temperature.