Lars Aluminium Stool

Modern furniture uses different unusual materials unlike the traditional wood. For example you will see a lot of modern chairs that are made of metal, especially iron , but also wire and even aluminum. Aluminum is a very lightweight metal and is very easy to handle and manufacture, so many designers and manufacturers prefer it. Apparently so do the people from Matt Blatt. They have created and produced this Lars Aluminium Stool and they did a pretty good job.

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The stool is pretty tall, with long thin aluminum legs and a slender design. The aluminum skeleton is combined with polished chrome stainless steel. Then the links are made through some black leather stripes and pieces that make the seat. The backrest is “la piece de resistance”, meaning it draws most eyes and this for a good reason: the back rest is stylized to look like tree trunks and branches in winter, totally leafless and naked, depressing and sad, yet interesting.

The dimensions are perfect for a stool (38cm W x 106cm H x 44cm D) and there is even a metal link between the chair legs, a place where you can rest your feet and which holds the piece of furniture together. The stool is now available on sale for $295.