LaRoche Chair by Milla Rezanova

Normally the furniture in people’s houses is made to be used, to sit on. Most chairs are like that but sometimes furniture designers are so inspired and creative that they are able to combine an amazing look with a comfortable seating and functionality. For example the Russian designer Milla Rezanova brought a breath of fresh air in this industry and she came with LaRoche chair. This chair is an interesting combination of colours and materials, of wood and plastic, of dark brown and white.

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This chair has an interesting shape and it seems to defy all laws of gravity, as you may think the whole weight of the chair is supported by the sharp and narrow pointed leg of the chair. It looks as if it were floating in the air, but it is actually reliable and can support you without a problem. It’s all about the details of designing this furniture piece and the ability to “see” the features of the final product from the design phase. I personally love it.

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