Large white kitchen interior design

If you want a kitchen different from any other, try the one designed by Ulrich Holzinger. The main quality of this kitchen is the fact that is very large so you will have enough space to move in it. Probably you wouldn’t cook too much in it, but you can also have a cocktail party with your friend, due to its modern design. You will not feel like in a kitchen, you will not feel constrained in any way because the design just doesn’t reminds you that you are in a kitchen. In here you can do all sorts of activities.

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The white design strengthens the impression of space and light and fits very well the modern design. I like a lot the contemporary lines of this kitchen. All is very simple and yet sophisticated. In the centre of the kitchen is the place you are supposed to kook. It is places right in the middle, like a bar or a sanctuary, drawing anyone’s attention. This is why this is the only part from the kitchen which is decorated. Rom the ceiling comes out a decorated block. It has schematic modern drawings, reminding more of symbols than actual paintings.

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Do you know that feeling when you don’t know what to do or how to use something but you still want that thing? Well, that’s the feeling that this modern kitchen inspires to me. You will probably never cook in this kitchen, but considering you can afford it, you’ll probably not even need to. However, anyone should be proud to own such a wonderful piece of art in their house.