Summerhouse Embraced by A Large Pond And Woodlands

This beautiful summerhouse is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was built here by Studio Arthur Casas, a practice that combines its Brazilian heritage with modern and contemporary influences and impregnates each project with this unique style. For them, the dialogue between a house and its surroundings and natural context is a defining element for the design and we can clearly see this in the case of the MS House.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo pond and terraceView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo terrace and pond connectionView in gallery

Named MS House, this project was completed in 2014. It was built for a couple with three kids and is divided into two sections. One volume contains four bedrooms, three for the kids and one for the guests. It’s a section that opens onto a large garden through a glass-enclosed corridor and wooden vertical louvers.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo outdoor open spaceView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo along the pondView in gallery

The other section is dedicated to the social areas. A large open space is at the center of this volume. The entrance hall, living room and dining area are all placed along the adjacent outdoor terrace. The indoor and outdoor spaces are separated by sliding glass doors which ensure a seamless and smooth transition between them.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo indoor outdoor transitionView in gallery

The kitchen and home theater are adjacent to the main living space. Once again, the areas are separated by sliding doors which means that the overall layout is a flexible one. The living room has a wooden ceiling that’s 3.6 meters high and which extends outside to form a protective roof above the terrace.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo wood ceiling extensionView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo stone terrace floorView in gallery

A powder room and wine cellar are housed within a wooden volume adjacent to the social space. The abundance of wood in the house creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, making the house very cozy. There is, however, a noticeable contrast and balance between the materials, colors and forms. For example, the social spaces have stone floors while the private volume is defined by laminate wood floors.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo entranceView in gallery

A set of floating stairs lead up to the master bedroom. it’s a spacious and relaxing room with wooden louvers for shade and panoramic views of the surroundings. The first floor is also defined as a whole by whitewashed brick walls which add a rustic touch to the house and contrast with some of the minimalist and modern features.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo living and dining spaceView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo lounge areaView in gallery

This wonderful summerhouse also has a beautiful deck with a Jacuzzi tub built into the floor. The deck could be considered a side extension of the terrace which frames the interior spaces. it’s surrounded by a pond from three sides. In fact, the pond is a defining feature of the site, wrapping around the house and turning this place into a gorgeous retreat.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo master bedroomView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo master bathroomView in gallery

Rocks with sculptural forms can be seen in the pond and fish and plants keep it clean and fresh while maintaining its natural look. Part of the pond has been made deeper and turned into a swimming pool.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo deck jacuzziView in gallery

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo wooden deckView in gallery

The entire design of the house was mostly dictated by the land, including the pond. The spaces were organized along the length of the site in order to capture the views of the golf course and woods and to bring as much natural light inside as possible. Also, earthy tones and natural materials were used throughout, creating a cozy ambiance and linking the house to its surroundings even more.

Summerhouse in Sao Paulo wooden louversView in gallery