Top 10 Places for Large Houseplants

Houseplant lovers can testify that it’s easy as pie to fill your home with small plants because there are so many spaces they will fit. However, when it comes to larger plants, the creativity can get a little sparse. You might think that the living room corner is the only space for that beautiful tall palm. I’m here to tell you otherwise. Check out the top 10 spaces in your home for your beloved large houseplants.

empty corner plant

Empty corners are the obvious spot to fill with green, but don’t let your living room be a houseplant hog. Your bedroom might have the perfect corner for that leafy peace lily. Or maybe your fern would look great in the laundry room. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to add some greenery to the other bare spaces in your home. (via KaeM)

bookshelf plant

One of the most overlooked spaces in our homes has to be the top of our bookshelves. If it doesn’t go to the ceiling, there’s this big blank space above our beautiful shelf styling. Take your greenery way up there to make a leafy pop out of a formerly boring spot. (via Lonny)

hanging plants

Are you blessed with high ceilings in your home? While that space can help create the feel of a larger room, it can also produce lots of empty and dull corners. Invest in some large leaves like a vine-y pothos or some draping english ivy that will fill those high spots beautifully. (via Apartment Therapy)

window plant

Windows are a great place to position large plants that like sunlight. I’m lookin’ at you, window seat! Not only will your houseplant love all that light, all those leaves will eliminate your need to buy curtains. It’s a win win for everyone. (via Apartment Therapy)

dresser plant

People attracted to the romantic drape of wide plants rather than tall ones possibly have the most trouble decorating with houseplants. But one space you might not have thought of is right in front of you. Yes, right smack on top of your dresser. It provides the height that the leaves need to drape and makes a pretty decor that isn’t just collecting dust. (via SF Girl By Bay)

high plants

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement out of your large plants, you’ve gotta try this trick. Instead of keeping your plants down low on the floor, find a way to hoist them even higher! They will certainly make the bang you’re looking for.

bathroom plant

Don’t forget to give your bathroom some loving too. Fill a corner or the top of a cabinet with a large fern or a spider plant. Or if you are cursed with window-less bathrooms, like me, find the largest snake plant you can and use it in the same spots.

fireplace plant

While a non-working fireplace can be a great decorating opportunity, it can also be difficult to decide what to do with it. My advice, put a plant in it. Whether it’s that frothy fern or your droopy dracaena, you’ll find that the green is a pleasant pop in a former black hole. (via Emily Henderson)

reading nook plant

In my opinion, every home should have a reading nook… with a large plant. There’s just something about greenery that’s calming. With that in mind, it just makes sense to add a palm to your reading corner or hang a pothos over your chair. (via Sand and Sisal)

kitchen shelves plants

Is your kitchen in need of some serious green? Take your houseplants up high on top of your cabinets or on the top shelf. It’s a simple way to fill a previously bare space and you only have to reach up there once a week or less to water them.