Large, Contemporary Art For Your Home

Art, in my humble opinion, is one of the best ways to add style and personality to a room. While accessories, curtains, pillows, and furniture all add a certain layer of interest, art is where a designer or a homeowner can really display their taste. Of course, there are many different types of art from sculptures to photography to oil on canvas. Whatever you choose for your home though, consider all of these art mediums but on a much larger scale.

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Large-scale art is quickly becoming one of the most popular design trends around. Gone are the rules of carefully selected dimensions. Now, it’s all about how much color and interest you can infuse into a space, which is easily achieved when dealing with large canvases and prints.

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For example, this room below utilizes subway art, a type of display that is sweeping through DIY circles for its ability to be easily recreated. You can use city names from where you travelled, memories from your childhood, or even words of hope or praise. Purchase a print from an online store or make it yourself with stencils and a large canvas.{found on site}.

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You could also go even more modern with a completely abstract painting like the one in this featured bedroom below. Just as descried earlier, the previous rules about scale and dimension no longer matter. It’s all about creating a space that is inviting and memorable, and this room has achieved just that.

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Do you have a long wall that you don’t know what to do with? Forget complicated gallery walls that can often look busy and thrown together. Instead, replace that idea with a stunning piece of art. This long, rectangular contemporary piece is soothing, while still providing much needed color to the otherwise neutral space.{found on site}.

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Photography is an incredible way to put art in your home in an affordable way. This massive photograph of two horses not only adds color to the room, but it also brings a sense of movement and action to the space. It’s important to remember this about art. It does not necessarily just sit on the wall. It can actually move people.{found here}.

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I hope that the inspiration rooms featured above will help you to think beyond the realms of what is typically accepted in many design circles. Art not only helps you push the boundaries of what you thought you liked, but can also impact you in ways you might not even realize.

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Large-scale art works well for homes that are lofts or have ceilings that are the height of two floors. However, any type of art can truly be accommodated in any room in your home.. Even your children’s spaces could benefit from a large map on one wall or a fun mural on the other. Essentially, when it comes to art, the sky’s the limit. So, use your imagination, push your boundaries, and make choices that positively impact your life and your home.