Large bathing stool

We all have a shower today or every day, in the morning or in the evening when we come home from work. And we seldom have a nice , long and relaxing bath because we are always on the run and want everything to take as little time as possible. But things haven’t always been like that and many people still preserve the ancient customs and traditions regarding bathing. Japanese for example have big baths, public or private, made for many people, where you sit on a wooden bench and talk, enjoy the quality time spent with your friends and let your body relax and sweat, and take out all impurities. I mentioned a large bathing stool, something like the one you can see in this picture.

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This bathing stool is made of wood and is large enough fora big person to sit on (16″ long by 10″ wide by 10.5″ tall). The stool is handmade and  uses Alaska Yellow Cedar or Port Orford Cedar. It is lightweight but very resistant to water, so it will not deteriorate easily even if it stays in a humid environment for a long time. This is a traditional Japanese bath accessory and you can have it now for $235 from Sea Otter Woodworks.