Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog is a small oasis of relaxation in a stressful world. This armchair called Lane is an invitation to meditation. With its smooth lines and clean design, its cushion for the neck and matching footrest, this chair provides cozy comfort ideal for reading or simply resting. Exactly what I need right now. The Lane Armchair is available for 437 euros.

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Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog1

It has a very simple design and it comes in two color options for you to choose from: red and black, the perfect couple. The thin feet might not look very stable but they are actually very durable since they are made of steel. The chair is not only comfortable but also very good-looking. I can imagine myself sitting on that chair, relaxing every muscle in my body and listening to good music. It’s heaven. But unfortunately it’s also an illusion because I’m still here, writing this article. But you don’t have to suffer, you can enjoy a relaxing time by purchasing this extremely comfortable chair.