Landa Floating Wall Shelf

Ever since I became a mother I discovered the usefulness of having wall shelves. It is so comfortable and also handy to store all the small items you don’t need in one place where you can find them easily. Bookshelves are not necessarily meant to be used just for books, so you can display all kinds of home accessories on them, too, for example small statues, little bowls, vases of flowers and God knows what other things you may find interesting for the overall design of your house. This Landa Floating Wall Shelf is perfect because it seems to be floating.

Assembly LANDA  real  close

Assembly LANDA  real  close View in gallery

This shelf has no apparent strings or hinges keeping it secure to the wall, yet it very much stable and nice to look at. It comes in a small variety of colours (white, black and espresso) and can hold up to twenty pounds. It is pretty thick and looks really cool and it now now available for online purchasing for just $26 from Smart Furniture web site. So if you like keeping your room clean and nice, with a funky contrast between a “floating shelf” and the white wall, you can get it in no time.