L’Ancienne Poste – a charming residence in France

L’Ancienne Poste is a lovely residence located in France. Its name translates as “the old post office”. Surprisingly, it doesn’t even have a letter-box. It’s an aspect that the owner loved about this place and wanted to keep it this way. The property was purchased by the current owner in 1999. Back then it was merely a ruin. However, it had potential and the views were amazing.

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After that, the building continued to be a ruin for a few more years. At one point, one architect was willing to start this project. It was a difficult and challenging project but the architect and the owner worked together and, three years later, they managed to create a restored, beautiful and charming property. They rebuilt the house and chose a traditional provencal style for the old post office. Turning the building into a home was not easy. However, the architect kept things simple and pure and created a bright, light-filled home with an inviting and stylish interior.

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It was a very beautiful evolution, from an abandoned structure into a remodeled modern home. Now the house is being rented. Its owner lives in London and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend there. However, he really enjoyed working on it and turning it into the beautiful property that it is now. The house is really lovely and the location is beautiful as well. The views are wonderful and the surroundings and beautiful as well. Just 200 meters away from the house there’s a café and all the neighbors are friendly and loving.{found on welcomebeyound}.