Ladder Style Bookcase

Ladders are very helpful around the house, especially when you want to reach higher places. But sometimes, these ladders can be used as a different thing such as a bookcase or bookshelf. Actually this Ladder Style Bookcase  is a combination between these two items: a ladder and a bookcase. It looks like a ladder, but it is used as a bookcase. It is made of wood and is a very useful and functional bookcase, except for the fact that is looks like a ladder. It has an A profile because of this and that is why the shelves are smaller and less wide on top and a lot wider and bigger as you approach the bottom.

2853700210The bookcase is made of solid hardwood and hardwood veneer and this confers it a long lasting life and resistance. The five shelves of this piece of furniture are open and can be used for storing books, but also for displaying different home accessories like statues, bowls, flower vases and so on. Any way, the fact that its general design looks like a ladder makes it an open furniture item and that is why it is possible for you to move it from one place to another without a problem. The item comes in two sizes and three colours (black, dark walnut and white) and can be purchased for $129 ($159 for the big size).