Lacquer Vanity Mirror

Usually we have a big bathroom mirror that is bolted to the wall and where you can apply your make up if you are a woman or shave if you are a man and so on. Well, this can be perfect for a small bathroom without windows, where you will use only electricity and where the light always comes from the same source – the lightbulb – that is always in the same position. But when your bathroom is pretty large, with huge windows and a vanity, you will rather use the natural light. And in this case you will have to change the position of your mirror depending on the moment of the day. This Lacquer Vanity Mirror  is perfect in this case.

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First of all it can be easily moved wherever you need it. Secondly, it is very small and lightweight, so perfect for a narrow vanity. The mirror is square and has quite an interesting design, being very simple, yet charming with its short leg and square base and also the inclined angle. The whole frame of the mirror is made of wood with white lacquer finish. Besides the good looks, this mirror is also very affordable, since you can get one from West Elm for just $39.