Lacquer Eggshell Bowl

They say black is the colour of elegance and style and I guess they are right. You only need to look once at this beautiful Lacquer Eggshell Bowl and see this saying is totally true. This serving bowl is lacquered and painted in black and this gives it personality and a touch of gracefulness. The white spots on the outside of the bowl only enhance the difference between the two colours and make you like the contrast. The bowl is made of bamboo on which the manufacturers applied the shiny lacquer.

1164194 fpx tif

1164194 fpx tifThe creative designer of this bowl is Diane von Furstenberg and she did a pretty good job with this item. There are many sizes and models of this bowl and you can choose the one that suits you best. They are all inlaid eggshells, dramatic and daring, beautiful and smart. The best thing about them is the fact that you can use them as decorative purposes because they really look great, but also as serving pieces. You can put salad inside or maybe fruit, a nice-smelling potpouri or … nothing. The visual impact is still great. You can purchase one such item from the web site of its creator for a price between $60 and 90.