Lace metal lamp

What would we do without lamps? How would our homes look like? I personally can’t imagine myself living in a world without lamps. Since they were invented and are present in our modern lives they need to be diverse and stand out.  The idea that made this lamp came from an old Swedish metal working industry. This company was established in 1682 and since then they keep working with steel and innovating.  When they invented a new technique of manufacturing expanded metal with gradient sized holes, a little spark ignited in the mind of one of the visitors.

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This new metal sheet resembled a piece of fabric or lace. Walking around the factory the designer saw how the light passed through the perforated sheet and left a shadow. He thought that this would make a perfect lampshade and as we can see know that piece of metal really has all the characteristics of a lampshade.

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This final product is not very far away from the basics, it didn’t suffer heavy processing except for some bends and welds.The result is a metal lamp that looks fragile and delicate and the gradient holes starting from smaller holes at the bottom and larger on the top spreads the light in the entire room perfectly. On some area there are tiny individual light spots looking almost like stars on the night sky. How beautiful is that?