La pallissa residence in Catalonia,Spain

This wonderful residence is located in Baix Emporda, Catalonia , Spain and it was designed by Cubus – David Pou van den Bossche by Estel Ortega . As you can see this is not an ordinary home at all. The original building was erected in the XVI th  century and now was adapted, to house three new apartments that are mainly destined for summer use. This facility has a wonderful solid structure built from stone with century-old techniques.

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The thick walls provide perfect insulation managing to keep inside a constant temperature, regardless of the powerful sunshine that surrounds the exterior.  Thanks to the original height of the structure the new design was able to be implemented in two levels: the ground floor with a wonderful open space kitchen and dining area, combined in a superb mix of living area, and a beautiful bedroom upstairs. The remarkable original wooden beams and stone walls are now acting like a protective shell for the modern interior with minimalist furnishings.

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There are two sets of contrast in this design very easy to spot. The first one combines two colors: white and red, like in a  true modern home and the second contrast highlights the bigger picture, the combination of bare stone walls and a modern core. Lately, I have seen many old structures being brought to life by people who want a genuine place to relax and enjoy the fresh air and the countryside beauties  and landscape.{found on archdaily}.