La Michetta Modular Blocks from Meritalia

La Michetta is a name of an inexpensive Milanese bread and the designer Meritalia seems to have drawn design inspiration from the same. These modular blocks may appear ordinary TOFU to you but these blocks offer the owner a chance to be the designer himself. Each block belongs to a mass produced unit but carries its own individual characteristic.

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Each of the La Michetta block is made from polyurethane and fiber fill, and then upholstered in cotton. La Michetta offers you the ideal chance of getting creative with your living spaces and you surely require no designers diploma to get going.

053107 michetta 02

The living room is the most important room in the house because usually it’s the place where family members and friends gather to chat or simply to spend some time together. So it’s important to have a very comfortable sofa. As the bed is the most important furniture from the bedroom and it even contributed to its name, the sofa is the most important furniture piece from the living room, because that’s the place where you spend most of your time. So it’s not easy to choose the right design.

053107 michetta 02

This is a very playful collection, formed from multiple pieces that can be combined in order to get a bigger structure that can be used as a sofa. The possibilities with these pieces are endless. As you can see you choose from two options: the quiet beige and black one or the bright and colorful one. Or, of course, you can combine them and obtain a contrastive and original design.