La Chaise Chair

I have always said that designers and architects look around and find the most unusual and interesting sources of inspiration in the nature around us. Then they interpret them in their own ways and express their visions, resulting in the finished product. La chaise chair is the perfect example, as it combines the natural design of a shell with the modern futuristic materials: the fiberglass and stainless steel.

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The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948 and has a very interesting shape, something like a stylized seashell. The hole in the middle puzzles you and you don’t really understand if it serves for any purpose or not. La Chaise chair is a kind of combination between a chair and a chaise-longue, being long enough to allow you a comfortable seating, but only if you sit in it. The molded fiberglass has a natural curve that seems to follow the natural shape of the human body. The base of the chair is supported by some stainless steel bars that are further supported by a plywood “X”.  It sells now for about $1,290.

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