L Shaped House Design by Christopherchris Architect

This residence has something that catches your attention. Designed by Christopherchris Architect, the Red Hill Residence is a contemporary house created for young family and is located on the Mornington Peninsula.I really love the contrast element and intersection section of material, textures and colors, threaded together by the linear rammed earth wall.


L-shaped houses are actually very practical. They allow you to have two separate zones in your house. For a family, this means that the kids can stay in one side while the parents use the other side. This way the can all have their privacy and it’s a little more independent. If apartments could adopt this shape, it would be a really great idea. The thing about houses is that you get to design your own project, to make it the way you want it, the size you want. So, from this point of view I really find the L shape like one of the best.


Not only that it’s practical, but it also looks good.  This house has a modern design, with the already common glass walls that allow you to admire the outside view from inside. Still, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to have transparent walls in the bathroom. It seems a little odd and not so pleasant. Anyone, the interior is modern and elegant, with beautiful details. And there’s also a terrace, for the sunny summer days.