Kyoto coffee table

Nowadays there are so many designs when it comes to coffee tables that it’s hard to decide on a single one. However, if you like simple and elegant pieces, the Kyoto coffe table might be the ones for you. As you might have already guessed, there’s a visible Japaneese influence in this table’s design.

Koyo caffe table

The Kyoto coffee table combines the resistance and durability of a wood structure and the elegance that any coffee table should have. It’s a very low table, as the Japaneese tradition inposes. It has a square shape and an interesting detail about the top. The only detail is the fact that the top is split into 4 smaller tops, also squares. This means everyone should have its own spot at this table. However, if there are more than 4 people using it, it doesn’t apply anymore. I don’t really see the reason why the top looks like this. Anyway, whether it’s a way to delimitate it or just a design detail, it still looks good.

It’s a very elegant and stylish coffee table and it would good in just about any home. Of course, it would be best to have some other similar pieces so that it doesn’t look so different from the rest of the furniture. The Kyoto coffee table is available for $400. It would make a great addition to a modern living room but also in a more traditional one if you think it would look good there.