Kubicoff Collection Bitter Sweet Sofa

Modern times call for modern solutions. Our attention is bombarded with more and more gadgets, products that feature cutting edge technology  so we reach a moment  when we really have to buy those products because nothing else matches we already have. This can be a bad thing but a good  one as well. This Bitter sweet sofa is an example of a good modern thing.  From the start I have to mention that this sofa is not for everyone and if I can go a little further I think that this was not intended for everybody. Only those who follow trends and have a passion about interior design and like to always be fashionable and keep up with the latest technologies will fully appreciate a furniture piece like this one.

Sofa wood base

This particular Bitter-Sweet  Sofa is part of the Kubikoff Collection  that wears  the Gruppo Seccio trademark.  Design experts  took an ironic approach when they named this deluxe modern sofa, because there   is nothing  bitter about this wonderful sofa.  The marvelous design has a very cool coffee table build in so no other piece could disturb this powerful design element. 

The modern platform that supports the entire ensemble measure 97.5”W x 35.1”D x 27.3”H and features wonderful wenge and teak wood along with  a polyurethane finish and tufted seating.  The white leather upholstery reminds us that it is modern but it hasn’t forgot the  old school quality standards, and the price too ($3,805.00) reflects the true value of such a product.