KUB+ Coffee Table by Fabio Teixeira

There are several toys we all play with as kids and Rubik ‘ s cube is one of them. I remember having spent hours and hours trying to find the fastest way of solving this puzzle and I was simply fascinated by all the colourful facets of the cube that moved and changed their place only to have yet another colour puzzle. Well, this cube was the source of inspiration for Fabio Teixeira, a young Brazilian designer. He designed a very interesting coffee table that looks like an over-sized Rubik’ s cube. It is the KUB+ coffee table.

780x585 2View in gallery

780x585View in gallery

The coffee table is really colourful and, despite the first impression, is not glued together piece by piece. Actually the designer used a very interesting technique that uses wood dowel pins to stick all the pieces in one whole cube. The material of choice for this unusual table is plywood, a very modern and flexible material and the colourful facets are made of lacquered ink. This table is perfect as a coffee table, side table, living room decoration and you only need it to liven up the atmosphere in a gloomy room.