Kosha- an Interesting Reading Space Design by Claudio D’amore

As the weather is not so nice anymore each of us tries to find different activities so that we fill in our free time in a beautiful way. Usually a cold, rainy day is a boring period of time which can be transformed into a great way of spending some beautiful moments.

It depends on you and your imagination to find some attractive activities. You may go to a mall, you may watch TV, and you may listen to your favorite music, invite some friends at home or read an interesting book.

Chair kosha claudio damore 5

Usually an attractive book may become a wonderful companion for an ugly day. Here you can discover wonderful things, find out interesting pieces of information or spend great moments together with your favorite heroes.

Chair kosha claudio damore 5

Now you may turn your lecture moments into great moments of relaxation and comfort. Claudio D’amore designed Kosha which looks like a huge wooden rocking chair. It has an interesting design which will allow you to enjoy your lecture moments in a comfortable way. You can take advantage of its ergonomic design which permits you to place it in different spaces and will offer the privacy that you need.Kosha is a nice retreat place where you can feel at your ease and be just you and your precious “companion”.{found on luxissues}